How to Transition to Legally Compliant Cash Desks

As a business owner you are expected to know everything, do everything and be everywhere. From marketing to logistics and purchasing, HR to product design, maintaining a business requires a whole host of skills and abilities.

And perhaps one of the most key – but often overlooked – is legal compliance. Businesses are subject to entire rafts of legislation that control how they can act, what they can do, and whom they can sell to. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

But it can be difficult to keep up with changing and evolving legal requirements. Recent developments relating to Fiscal policy in both Germany and Italy have caused significant headaches for all types of business owners – from family-owned restaurants to multi-outlet retail chains.

In Germany, a big transition is occurring in relation to how electronic cash desks must function. Any cash desk acquired after the end of 2019 must have a ‘technical security device’ (TSE) which makes it impossible to delete transactions. By the end of 2022, all businesses must have upgraded their systems to be compliant with the law.

Similarly, in Italy ‘Registratori Telematici’ (electronic cash registers) are required for any business with a turnover that exceeds 400,000 euros. These cash desks must be able to produce reports on transactions that can be delivered to the relevant authorities, as well as issuing receipts in line with specific requirements.

This can be a challenge then for businesses who are either in the process of updating their systems, or aware that they will need to make a change during the transitional period. How can you be sure you’re buying a cash desk that not only meets your business needs, but also meets legislative requirements?

There is a simple answer: speak to RCH.

Compliance with the legislative fiscal requirements of all the markets we work in, is a key facet of what we do. The ATOS 15, ABOX range and A-IRON don’t just comply with the legal frameworks of each country, they seek to make the process of compliance and reporting quick, simple and stress-free. When it’s a question of law, you can’t afford any mistakes: you need the confidence and security that come from buying a product that has decades of expertise embedded in its design.

But RCH cash desks don’t stop here. Whilst other offerings in the market may also be able to say that they meet the requirements imposed upon them by governmental law, this is often the beginning and end of their abilities – they do the bare minimum.

Conversely, the core principle that drives the RCH design process is to go above and beyond in both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that cash desks are not just a mere ‘fulfilment of a requirement’ for our customers; they are an active and dynamic asset to the business. They achieve this by incorporating features which streamline processes, make service more reliable, and give insight into business performance through the provision of meaningful data analytics.

RCH cash desks aren’t merely a form of legal compliance. They’re a source of strategic competitive advantage.