RCH ist aktiv und immer in Bewegung.

RCH ist aktiv und immer in Bewegung. Im Lauf der Jahre hat das Unternehmen diverse technologische Entwicklungen durchlaufen und wird zusehends SMARTER.

Die Zeiten ändern sich und Evolution ist Teil der DNA von RCH. Dynamik ist auch in der Art der Kommunikation angesagt, die im direkten Umgang mit den Käufern von RCH-Produkten zunehmend digitaler und interaktiver wird. Und so startet WE ARE SOCIAL ganz im Einklang mit den Markttrends. RCH ist präsent und seinen Kunden nahe, um die Momente mit RCH in einem Geschäft, Restaurant, Obst- und Gemüseladen, an einem Marktstand und an Ihren Einkaufsorten zu teilen!

Der Herzschlag der Verkaufsstelle!

50 anni di RCH This is a great time for RCH! Each of us has contributed to this amazing achievement. Today, 180 employees are part of RCH 50 year celebration.
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Stiamo vivendo un momento molto bello e importante! ognuno ...
Over 50 years, RCH’s commitment to driving innovation in pursuit of competitive, professional, innovative and attractive EPOS solutions hasn’t changed at all.
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RCH Group Spa is wishing you a happy holiday!

Please note that the offices of RCH Italia will be closed from 12th to 23rd August for summer holidays.

From 19th to 23rd August you will be able to contact our ...
Personal interaction is vital for any solution developed by RCH. This close relationship with our clients allows us to predict the needs of the users.

#CustomerRelationship #Strategy
Photos from RCH - Electronic Cash Registers and Fiscal Devices's post Sharing food in beautiful surroundings is a way of showing respect, admiration and thanks to the people who matter to us, our team. Their work, diligence and creativity have enabled us to innovate and respond to our clients with such ...
The celebration of our 50th birthday allowed us to recognise how our remarkable fortune has given us unparalleled opportunity. Celebrating in style allowed us to look back on the achievements of the past 50 years, whilst also looking forward to ...
Feeling excited and grateful! Tomorrow we will celebrate our 50th anniversary with all of our valued workers, dressed in their finest, surrounded by family and friends.
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Per essere professionisti del tuo settore, la formazione è necessaria!
Il Ruolo di RCH è anche aggiornare la tua informazione. L' evoluzione del punto vendita parte anche da te!
Tutti pronti per la prima scadenza del 1° luglio!
Training shapes your talents
1500 people have attended 50 training sessions in 2019.
We provide industry-leading training and we view it as a part of our role in a wider community of technology professionals.
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Make sure to keep your external communications fresh, up-to-date and relevant, so that you are constantly giving the customer something to come back for.
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Form and function of a product truly fit together once the product facilitates the strategic business goals of the client.
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“When I go for a coffee to a little place around the corner, I watch the owner working with our system and see what is already working well and what needs to be improved...” Stefano de Pra, President #quote
A clever deployment of technology can take 50% of the stress out of restaurant management, whilst increasing profitability.


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We have taken the lead in moving forward, challenged by a ceaseless technology evolution and always taking a step ahead.


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Cea Sistemi Cea Sistemi di Bologna: COMPLIMENTI !
In un contesto, piacevole e curato, in via Emilia Ponente 207/2, nasce la nuova gelateria Il Borghetto.
Il conto è sotto controllo con il Top di gamma ATOS ELEGANT di CEA Sistemi.
Un design ...
What can restaurants do to maximise their profitability, and win a greater share of the market than competitors?


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RCH’s vision and constant commitment to innovation are inspired by the local context and the intention of improving people’s life.


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Photos from RCH - Electronic Cash Registers and Fiscal Devices's post For us at RCH Italia, we view our network of distributors as a community, and we invest in that community, so that in turn, our community will remain invested in our vision.
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We love technology, but we live for the human connection – and the market responds to this enthusiastically.
Happy Easter from RCH Group!

Please note that our offices will be closed on Easter Monday 22nd April 2019. We will be back on 23rd April 2019.
Photos from RCH - Electronic Cash Registers and Fiscal Devices's post Sharing some captions of special moments from Madagascar.
Memories we will all add to RCH Italia history.
Safe travels!!!!!!!
102 of RCH’s Italian distributors will enjoy a week in Madagascar – full of adventure and relaxation, sun, sea, sport and good food. #trip #reward #retail

Five ways to maximise Restaurant Success | RCH These days, the restaurant trade is highly competitive. Read on to learn more on how to develop your business in five key steps.
The restaurant trade has never been more competitive. What can restaurants do to maximise their profitability, ...
In an interview at EuroCIS 2019 our president Stefano de Pra talked about the fundamentals of innovation.
Check it out here:

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